UNIEKART Prohibited Seller Activities

Prohibited Seller Activities and Consequences Policy


This policy is meant to create awareness amongst sellers about prohibited seller activities and their possible consequences.

A. Prohibited seller activities and consequences

S. No.

Prohibited activities

Examples (for explanation only. This is only an indicative list, and not exhaustive list)


Selling counterfeit/ fake products

  • Listing product under:

o'brand' with the 'brand name' in product description or image displayed

o'local brand' but with the 'brand name' in product description & brand name/ logo on image displayed

o'local brand' with the 'local brand name' in product description but brand name/ logo on image displayed

oimitation 'brand' (like misspelled, same sounding names etc.)

  • Any other scenario of counterfeit product being listed and/ or sold to Buyer.


Inadequate/ incomplete ‘Bravo’ related


Non-submission or submission of fake invoices or brand authorisation certificate or any other

document required as per the BRAVO compliance related to the products listed by the seller


Selling above MRP

Product actual/ printed MRP: Rs. 1000 Offer price on Uniek Ventures / Uniekart: Rs. 1200


Selling 'Not for sale' products

Promotional samples, freebies, Free Of Cost

products etc.


Selling products with 'warranty' not applicable in India

Products purchased out of India but selling in India

through Uniek Ventures / Uniekart on which international warranty is not applicable


Selling products which are banned as per Uniek Ventures / Uniekart Banned Product Policy /

illegal or prohibited as per governing laws of land



Selling expired FMCG products



Any kind of misrepresentation of MRP on Uniek Ventures / Uniekart website

Product actual/ printed MRP: Rs. 1000/- Offer price on Uniek Ventures / Uniekart: Rs. 900/-

MRP displayed on Uniek Ventures / Uniekart: Rs. 2000/-


Seller or any one, acting on behalf of Seller is involved in buying the product(s) listed by the Seller itself.

  • Seller A with a listed product named “iPhone 5”, is involved directly or indirectly in buying “iPhone

5” from itself

  • Seller A with a listed product named “iPhone 5”, is involved directly or indirectly in buying “iPhone

5” from any other seller B.



Misrepresenting seller's identity by non- submission or submission of fake/ forged/ invalid documents like PAN/

TIN/ CST/ cheque /GST or any other document related to seller's identity

  • Non -submission of TIN or submission of TIN of some other entity that is not related to seller
  • Submission of inactive TIN


Indulging directly or indirectly in unjustifiable sale/ purchase/ cancellations/ returns or any other activity to:

  • manipulate its own or other seller's rating
  • to cut competition
  • to fulfil any other mal-intention



Operating with multiple seller codes at Uniek Ventures / Uniekart without adequate disclosure or re-registration after blacklisting/ delisting

Examples of related seller codes which need disclosure:

  • Seller A and Seller B are sister concerns
  • Seller A & Seller B are different legal entities but the owner/ partner/ stakeholder is same
  • Seller A and Seller B are same entity but operating from different locations
  • Seller A and Seller B are same entity but Seller A is on dropship, whereas Seller B is on Fullfillment Centre
  • Seller A was delisted by Uniek Ventures / Uniekart, seller A starts operating with a new code Seller B


Any other unethical/ unlawful activity

affecting the goodwill and reputation of the company or its sellers or its Buyer.



Consequences for breach of above terms:

If Uniek Ventures/ Uniekart receives any complaint from any Buyer or if you are found to be involved in any one or more activities mentioned above then without prejudice to Uniek Ventures / Uniekart’s other rights and remedies, You shall be debited with an amount of equivalent to total Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of all the Products sold through Uniek Ventures / Uniekart’s Website or Rs.5,00,000/-, whichever is higher and will lead to immediate delisting of all of your Products from Uniek Ventures / Uniekart. Uniek Ventures / Uniekart reserves the right to adjust the above amount from any amount accrued to you pursuant to this Agreement. In case the amount accrued to you is insufficient to cover the amount of damages, we at our sole discretion reserve right to initiate necessary action as contemplated under Agreement to recover the same. In addition to this, all your rights, including linked accounts will be revoked.