UNIEKART Protect Your Brand


(To protect anti-counterfeiting and infringement of IP rights)

It offers intellectual Property owners a simple way to report their Intellectual Property infringements on Universal Enterprise/UNIEKART marketplace. You can report any infringement by completing the brand shield form below. UNIVERSAL ENTERPRISE/UNIEKART assures a takedown of any listing that infringes third party IP rights within 1 working day after being satisfied that;

                1.    Ownership of the intellectual Property has been established.

                2.    The infringer has been identified through proof of purchase or any other document.

                3.    The claim of infringement is based on objective and reasonable basis.      

In the absence of the above, UNIVERSAL ENTERPRISE/UNIEKART also delists products within 1 working day of compliance with any directions or order passed by court or any other relevant authority. UNIVERSAL ENTERPRISE/UNIEKART strongly condemns counterfeiting and infringement of IP rights. UNIVERSAL ENTERPRISE/UNIEKART prohibits sale of such products on its website and penalises sellers who are found to be selling counterfeits on UNIVERSAL ENTERPRISE/UNIEKART marketplace.

We Do Not Enforce

Exclusive or Selective Distribution: Universal Enterprise/UNIEKART respects a manufacturer's/sellers right to enter into exclusive distribution agreements for its products. However, violations of such agreements do not constitute intellectual property rights infringement. As the enforcement of these agreements is a matter between the manufacturer and the retailers, it would not be appropriate for Universal Enterprise/UNIEKART to assist in enforcement activities.

My complaint is related to:

Trademark concerns

Copyright concerns

Patent Concerns

Design Concerns


The Specific Concerns is

For Trademark concerns

Listings contains unlawful use of trademark

Listings contains unlawful use of text

Listings contains unlawful use of image

Listings contains unlawful use of packaging


For Copyright concerns

Listings contains unlawful copy of copyrighted text

Listings contains unlawful copy of copyrighted image

Listings contains unlawful copy of copyrighted image and text

Software is offered in violation of an enforceable license agreement(Uniek Ventures / Uniekart will not process report seeking to prohibit the sale of genuine unopened software)


For Patent concerns

Items infringes a valid and enforceable patent


For Design concerns

Items infringes a registered design right


If Registered attach Certificate

If Unregistered:

Date of creation: dd/mm/yy

Date of Use: dd/mm/yy

Date of Publication: dd/mm/yy

If Agent

Attach power of attorney *

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I have a court order if Yes then form will show this

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